Chris Egan - Retirement and 'Safe Money' Professional
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Chris Egan

Chris Egan

Specialize in educating and helping our clients achieve financial independence and reach their financial goals and retirement needs with lower risk 'Money and Income' options, strategies, and instruments.

We have "Help Centers"  in the following areas:

  • Life Insurance
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Financial 'Peace of Mind' For Our Clients
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Insurance Solutions
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Life Insurance - Guaranteed Income for Life
  • Benefits of Annuities
  • Annuities - Guaranteed Income for Life
  • Educating 401k Plan Participants
  • Educating 403b Plan Participants
  • Rolling Over 401k or 403b Plan
  • College Funding - 529 Plans
  • Individual IRAs-Traditional and Roth
  • Retirement Help
  • Reverse Mortgages for Income

Come to our 'Help Centers" for additional information!

 In today's low interest rate environment, helping and educating pre and post retirees on Safe Income and Safe Money strategies.
Chris Egan is an experienced financial executive providing a diverse array of financial services, information, and technological resources to address the individual needs of each client.

Chris' Mission: To educate, inform and empower clients by providing thoughtful, experienced guidance. To build a relationship that will help our clients address their financial goals and enjoy their future